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Our Story

Raised on a farm in Stafford County, we've always had a passion for livestock & poultry. Even though a majority were production animals, we considered them to be pets first. There is nothing like experiencing an animal giving birth, picking fresh produce, and having farm fun as a child. The memories stick with you forever!

We moved to our farm in 2019, where we began building our dream property. We envisioned goats, pigs, and cows frolicking on our rolling hills - a place of tranquility, happy animals, and a simple life. In 2020 we decided to open the gates of our new blissful home to visitors. We love seeing guest reactions to tiny newborn goats, the laughter of all ages when a pig flops down at their feet for a belly rub, and bringing together families and the community for an experience they'll never forget! 

Please reach out to us so we can create your unique farm experience!


Our Mission

Happy animals, humans, and one-of-a-kind experiences.

Happy Meadow Farm is a place to experience hands-on agricultural education for all ages. We provide a fun and safe environment to learn about sustainable farming and animal husbandry.

We strive to create a healthy and low-stress environment for our animals. After all, happy animals make happy guests! We love our animals, and we know you will love them too!

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